Five Year Limited Spa Cover Warranty Free Spa Cover Shipping in Continental US SPACOVERZ has replacement spa covers available for all LEISURE BAY Spa Hot Tub Models including the Bayport, Bradford, Castaic, Celebrity, Chera, Columbia, Cordova, Deer Valley, Discovery, Dove Canyon, Embassy Springs, Endeavor, Flores, Genius G-1.5, Grande, Hampton, Harbor Cove, Hatteras, Jem Opal, Lexor, Malibu Sands, Marquis, Mediteranean, Monterey, Niagara Grande, Olympic - Athenian, Omni, Onyx - Silver Plus, Oregon 18000, Pacific View, Pennsyvanian 17000, Rio Grande, Salida, Sargasso, Sierra, South Seas 2000, St. Thomas 19000, Sunset Coast, Tasman, Thunder Bay, Waldorf, Westin, 530, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 9000, 10000, 11000, 12000, 15000, 16000, 17000, 18000, 19000, 20000, 21000, 25000, 40000, 45000, 50000, 60000 and 65000. If you do not see your model listed, no problem, we can still make a great cover for your spa. FREE SHIPPING and FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on all Spa Covers.

SPACOVERZ.COM has an Encyclopedia of different spa manufacturers and their spas. We utilize this resource to match up the correct spa cover dimensions to your spa. So the more information you know about your spa (manufacturer, model and model year), the easier it is to get you the correct spa cover.

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